BLM Mustangs


Starting in 2016 we began working to help some of the many mustangs who are in holding pens with the Bureau of Land MANAGEMENT (BLM). Through the Mustang heritage foundations Trainer INCENTIVE program (TIP) we take in these unhandled mustangs, gentle them, provide basic skills so they are able to be taken and further trained to many disciplines and then we find them  new homes. We are taking in two at a time and begin to gentling them.

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The process can take a few weeks to a few months but the adoption fee remains $125. They range from 1-7 years old and are both mares and gelding, sometimes mare and foals. The adoption fee for one of these gentled horses is $125 payable to the BLM. All applications and approvals are through the mustang heritage foundation, applications and further information may be picked up at the rescue. 100% of the fee received from gentling these mustangs is donated to the rescue to help fund the many costs of rescue and the care  of all the horses homed here. 

There are many young healthy beautiful horses just waiting to be adopted from the BLM holding pens

To learn more about the adoption process and how you can adopt a gentled horse through the TIP program at Lone Oak please contact us at

More information on the TIP program can be found at the following link

Available Mustangs through the TIP program

Adopted mustangs