August 1 2017

July has been a busy month for us and we are busy preparing for the fall months. Getting Hay is our priority right now. Adoptions are the main part of our fund drive and we are happy to say we have had several horses go to new homes. All Of our TIP program horses and been adopted and have gone to their new homes. Congratulations to Sue, Lexy, Stacy on your new horses. 
We have also have  several other mustangs available for adoption.

Pending adoptions include our auction rescue mustang Cody, and a BLM mustangs Amber and  Red Cloud. All funds from these adoptions are going towards the hay purchase for the year. 

We still have a need for adoptions and donations to make our $6000 hay bill. Your contributions are greatly needed and tax deductible, please help us ensure the horses will have plenty of hay this winter by donating to Lone Oak Rescue through the donation link.

We are continuing to bring in mustangs, adopting/gentling BLM mustangs and re-homing them with a small fee that helps the rescue continue to do its work.

Pictured below are the current horses available for adoption through the rescue

Ace is a  mustang yearling, new to the rescue and here for gentling. he will be available post gentling.

Beau is a 2 1/2 yr old mustang gelding, he leads and is loves attention, he continues to learn more every day.
Duke and his buddy Dutchess are both flea bitten Arabians available for adoption, both are well broke and Dutchess is suitable for a kids horse as she is gentle and well trained.

 Jack is Nevada range mustang available for adoption, suitable for a small rider, needs to continue training, but is now under saddle and doing well at the walk and trot. 
Phoenix is a courtesy listing,he is a big boy, a half Arab/Quarter horse, he is 8 yrs old, well broke and a great trail horse
Red Cloud is a  BLM yearling mustang in for gentling and re-assignment, his training fee will go to the hay fund of the rescue
***Adoption pending***

Cody is a mustang rescued from auction, he is broke to ride and drive
*** adoption pending***
Amber is a titled BLM mustang , Adoption pending

Hawk is adopted and gone home with Lexy
Grayson has been adopted and gone out to his new home

Rose is gentled and has been adopted by Stacy

Dancer is a new BLM mustang here for gentling and has been adopted