June 2017

The months have been flying by and here we are half way through the year already.  As always we are short on helping hands, funds and time as we juggle our paying jobs with our non paying work. Our mission continues to do our part bringing horses to a safe place. We are dedicated to making a difference one horse at a time. Weather it be a horse who has found its way to animal control, dumped at an auction, forgotten in a pasture or just a result of families having to make hard choices, we will do our best to help, through rehab and retraining and finding them a new home.  As I went through the hundreds of photos for this blog entry I am flooded with years of memories, of the over 100 horses our few hands have rescued and recovered from countless horrid conditions. Not all of our stories have happy endings, but the ones that do far exceed the ones that came to us too late, and it makes me push on. The rescue is still very much in need and we strive to make our small ranch better with each project and know that one day the big projects will be done, meanwhile we fit in what time and funds allow and put our horses as our priority.
These past few weeks we have been very busy bringing in several new horses. We have several mustangs who are being gentled and will then be ready to be started under saddle as well as others who are being restarted.

Chloe loves attention and greets us when we approach the barn. She is a 7 year old BLM mare who loves people.
Beau pokes his head out of the stall window and waits patiently for his hay but especially enjoys helping himself when you bring it in. He is a 2 year old BLM gelding

Our yearlings have made great progress,
 Hawk has been adopted and gone out to her new mom.

 She is joining Amber
 who is being fostered but likely being adopted as well since she has won Lexy's heart! 

Grayson is completing his requirements and has an adopter waiting to take him home, where he will join another BLM mustang, Spirit who has come through our TIP program.

 Rose has taken quite some time to warm up to people but we are happy to say she has finally come around and is bonding with her new owner Stacy. 

Duke with Lexy

Our matching Arabians Duke and Dutchess have joined the herd and enjoying running in back pasture. We would prefer they be adopted together. Duke has been back under saddle for a refresher and is doing well.

 Our latest auction rescue has turned out to be a sweetheart, he is still acclimating to the herd after his quarantine period but has proven himself to already be a quiet leader in the pasture. He is thought to be broke to ride and drive, we will be starting from the ground and reviewing the basics as it has been years but so far we are in love

Also available and back under saddle is our mustang Jack
Jack under saddle with Lexy

Adopted out together are Maggie and Dusty,
They have both found a local home where they are loved and spoiled.

Adonis  in Yosemite

This spring we had to say goodbye to two of our favorites long time herd members, 
Adonis and Teddy. We will miss them dearly but find comfort in knowing we gave them their last several years full of love and attention. Rest in peace sweet boys
Teddy giving the kids a ride

We were lucky to be a part of a friends children's school report on non-profits, where our littlest herd members were featured. They got lots of TLC and enjoyed the attention!
our mini herd enjoying the sun
We are making a concerted effort to help the many mustangs who are in holding pens. These horses too need to have that chance at a better life. They may not be suffering abuse nor at risk of slaughter, but they are there without their own person, just waiting to be chosen and blossom into wonderful partners. These horses are truly clean slates with the right training their abilities can take you into most any discipline. We can help you find your new equine partner and complete the gentling process. There are countless colors and sizes to choose from. All adoptions through our TIP program are a joint program through the BLM and the Mustang Heritage Foundation. The application process and adoption fee of $125 is through the BLM, we can assist you through the approval process and choosing the right horse. We will transport your choice to the rescue where we will then gentle your new equine partner. Please consider one of these wonderful horses if you are looking for a new project.

As always we appreciate your input, suggestions and most of all your time.
Please feel free to contact us via our Facebook, phone or email.
 We look forward to having you join our efforts at
 Lone Oak Rescue