Febuary 2017

We are happy to say we have completed another 2 mustangs TIP training and have sent them out with their new owner. The funds from their training are being directed to grain and supplements for the new rescues as well as our last farrier cycle which was over $500. In addition the funds will help purchase building supplies for the new solid round pen. We have one more of this bunch of TIP horses who has made great progress and expect he will soon be ready to go to his new home as well

We will be accepting 2 new horses into the TIP program at Lone Oak rescue in the upcoming weeks, if you are interested please contact us so we can match your preferences if possible.

Along with upcoming mustangs we have several horses available for adoption, from rescues to courtesy listing with a portion of their sale donated to the rescue.
We have also taken in two new rescues, both Arabians and quite bonded. The mare is quite underweight but otherwise healthy. The gelding is younger and simply in need of conditioning.

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