September 15 2014

It has been too quiet at the rescue and we are feeling the pinch more than just a little. There is always much attention to when we rescue and the threat of slaughter is imminent but our promise to each of these rescues is a new and a safe life. After recovery and until adoption they still require our time, care and attention all of which costs. We are barely keeping up and need to have help and reduce our horses or we will not be able to continue.

 I have always saved your donations for rescuing vs for help feeding and basic care. I feel responsible for each and every one of these horses but now I must ask for help. It is you, our supporters we are turning to to help us get through this very difficult time. The costs at this time to feed our current adoptable candidates and residents is $1500 a month.

We are starting a hay cube drive with our local feed store to help us through these next few months.

Please help feed the horses by donating through our 
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or follow the link below
You can find us on both sites under Lone Oak Rescue                     

 Just $10 feeds 5 horses for a day!!!

Our adoption fees are now lowered to $250 on our remaining 8 horses for adoption. The remaining 11 will have a forever home at Lone Oak Rescue
Available for adoption

Seren- a 3 yr old un-broke grade quarter horse filly
 Chip- a green broke arabian gelding, in his early teens
 Chica, a halter broke two yr old filly quarter cross

Holly- a 7 yr old buckskin mare requires restarting
Misty- a 5 yr old grade mare,requires full training

Not pictured,    
Dante, a broke arabian gelding in his mid teens
  Rico- a broke TB gelding in his late teens
 Angel, a pasture pal mare who cannot be ridden