July 1,2014

Lone Oak Rescue is a small but successful rescue, we have been in operation since 2007 and been
a 501c3 non-profit since 2009. We have rescued and placed over 100 horses with just a small handful of volunteers and supporters. Our focus now is on maintaining the rescue and planning for the future to remain viable. The drought has had a huge impact on us, our pastures are spent and adoptions are down dramatically. Of our 19 current residents we will provide forever homes for the most senior horses, but we still need to place 5.
I have always spoke on behalf of the rescue and our volunteers and our group efforts for the horses overall benefit, but now I am speaking from a personal note. I am not good at asking for help, I have always seen the rescue as my responsibility and always will. I am currently providing the bulk of the care and costs for the rescues 19 horses but am at the point where I can no longer do it alone. No one receives any compensation for helping the rescue . No donations pay for power, rent, any items or ranch supplies, all donations go to help the horses. Our biggest issue today is feed. The current costs of the feed alone is $1100/month. I am asking for your support.
You can help with a monthly donation of $10-$25 or help sponsor a horse for $60 a month. Donations can be set up through Palpal, or through the mail or in person.
Watch for more information on our ongoing work with the horses and what your donations are helping us to accomplish. Our next volunteer day is September 13, We need your help, please contact me with any questions, to volunteer or to join our efforts behind the scenes.
                                          Pastures at Lone Oak .... bare.