Welcome Spring 2014

This year has already brought us a great start with adoption and horses out on trial, with signs towards permanent placement. We have had horses return to us due to situation changes with their previous adopters and are happy to say 3 of the 4 quickly found new homes. Along with Gypsy, Jesse and Tessa, Willow went to her potential new home. We are hopeful all have found their final homes.

We have had several new horses come in, and they will soon be available, watch our Facebook page for frequent updates on each of the horses.

Rico is a large quarter horse gelding in his teens, he will need to gain weight before he can go out to his home.

Nika is a Morgan quarter cross, she is well broke, she was used as a lesson horse before she was abandoned at the barn by her last owner, she needs to be caught up on routine care then will be up for adoption.

Scarolette is a sweet mare in her late teens, she is gentle and broke to ride, she is underweight and will need to gain weight before being up for adoption.

Chip is a young Arabian gelding who was abandoned in the Bay area, he was placed with us through the local animal control agency, he is very gentle and broke to ride, but needs a refresher, we expect it has been some time since he was last rode, or perhaps never introduced to a bit.

Several horses are not new to the rescue but are still waiting for their forever homes are

Dante, a bay Arabian gelding, he is broke to ride.
Gem, a bay quarter horse mare, she is broke to ride.
Chica, a small sorrel quarter/freisen filly,she is halter broke.
Angel, a bay quarter horse mare, she is broke to ride.
Misty, a dappled grey grade mare, she needs further training.
Holly, a buckskin quarter horse mare, she needs to be restarted.
Seren, a large 3 yr old bay filly, she needs further training.

All of these horses are different in their abilities, training, size, personalities and temperaments. They are all in need of permanent homes, We invite you to contact us and come visit us to see if one of these are the right fit for your next horse.

Our volunteer days are starting back up on a regular basis you can come out and help. if you need community service horses taken care of we can do that too!. we always have a variety of tasks from projects to mucking stalls, grooming and exercising horses. In addition to the horses above we have 7 permanent residents who love attention. Watch our Facebook page for frequent updates on upcoming days and events.

Thank you to our supporters for sponsoring new rescues, fostering horses, and volunteering your time and energy to the rescue, our continued success  is thanks to you.