Happy Holidays to all !!!


Happy Holidays!!!


Lone Oak Rescue

This past year has been a busy one for the rescue, full of success and challenges and 2014 looks to bring more of the same. We have been busy working with new and old project horses, most of which have found new homes with wonderful owners.

We will be focused on the continued efforts at our permanent location to improve our facilities and general grounds. We still have many projects to go, but there has been a lot accomplished.

One of our new goals for 2014 will be the development of a training course in which we can introduce our horses to every day obsticles, desensitizing to common barn and trail obsticles and creating the bond of trust between horse and rider. It is our hope that once completed we can work in partnership with local horse owners, and trainers,
 opening the trail course both for fun and education in efforts to raise funds for the continued operation of the rescue.

We do still have horses in need of homes. we will remain focused on their training and placement before taking on new projects. It is our hope that with more intense focus and training with these individual horses that they will find their new homes in the uncoming months.

We have Misty, a dappled grey mare rescued from the Nevada feedlots. She came to us wild, untouched and afraid of people. Since then she has learned basic ground manners, standing for the farrier and loading in a trailer, and most recently accepting a saddle. This mare still has trust to be earned and is a project for a trainer, but she is making progress.

Holly is a buckskin mare who came back to us after not able to bond with her male adopter. Her trust issues are being worked through and she too is back accepting a saddle. Holly needs to continue her training with a professional trainer.

Dante returned to us at our request, he was surrendered after it was discovered he was not recieving adequate care. He has since regained his weight and ready to begin a new life with an approved adopter.

Chica is a quarter cross sorrel filly coming 2 in the spring of 2014. She is a fast one with a floaty gait and would be a great project for someone looking for a barrel horse. She has had basic ground work and desensitizing started but still needs full training.

Angel was rescued from the local SPCA. due to lack of mobility and farrier care she has a curve in both cannon bones and we do not feel she will stay sound if used for riding. Angel is available as a pasture pal and her adoption fee is waived to an approved home.

below are a few of our available horses

We are looking forward to another successful year of helping horses but cannot do it without your support. If you would like to be a part of our efforts please contact us.

 We are so happy to be a part of our local community and have met so many wonderful horse people, we look forward to involving more community members and developing programs teaching horsemanship to our young supporters through our local 4H leaders.

We thank our supporters near and far and hope to see you in the New Year!!

Wishing a
 Merry Christmas
 and a
Happy New Year
 to all!!!