Summer days- August 22, 2013

It has been a while since my last update, as it has been a busy summer for us here at Lone Oak Rescue.
In the past three plus months we have placed numerous horses, though only taken in three rescues. This is due to myself being involved in a serious auto accident, thus limiting me physically and financially.We did have 3 abandoned donkeys come into our care, and of them two are in great foster homes.We fully expect Harriet to be adopted by Julie as a companion to their other donkey Gordo. Riz is being fostered by one of our board members Mary. The eldest, who we believed to be their mother, was loved on and spoiled in her final weeks here, then Sadie passed into Heavens pastures. In her short time here she won our hearts.

In our spring posting we had 18 horses still looking for homes, of those we are very happy to say, only four remain.
Mi Carina, Tessa, Asia, and Jessie all had their ground lessons and introduced to saddles before leaving the rescue, and all are now under saddle, We are especially proud of Asia, Mi Carina and Tessa as they were all young untouched horses rescued from the Fallon feedlot.

Jessie was an auction rescue, as a fresh 2 year old stud he was not wanted so for $35 we rescued him. He was gelded and brought to a health weight and flourished under training.

Dante was a neglected and underweight stud at the sale yard where he was even hidden from public view. No one bid on him except us, and then he too came to a safe place. Dante was brought back to a beautiful state of health by his foster mom Linda, and he has since found a local forever home.

Gypsy and Robin were placed together adopted by a local mom and daughter, Lisa and Bre.

Lightening too now has her own person. Sarah has made great strides with her training and expects her to be under saddle soon.

Ginger too found her new home and was adopted to a local home.

Mia and Macy found their permanent home together along with Sophia. All were fostered here by Allison while she and her family searched for and purchased their new home. They finally all relocated together from southern California to Washington state, with a pick up here of their three new family members. We know they are all loved and will be spoiled by Allison and her family.

Choctaw found a new home were he joined a pretty mare as a pasture mate, he is very loved on and spoiled by his new mom Kristen and her family.

Lady and Seren  are being fostered by Kelly and her family who also adopted Jessie and Tessa.

Holly has come back to us as she and Chris did not bond even after several months of trying. She was well cared for and expect she may have suffered abuse by a man prior to coming to us as she is much more relaxed with female handlers. We are hopeful Lady is a good match for Chris and know both she and Seren will have a great start under his hand if they continue to foster. Updates to follow.

Of our remaining horses for adoption we have four, they all are at different stages of training, and are being worked with to continue their progress.

Gem is a small quarter horse mare, very friendly and loves children, she is broke to ride.

Willow has had a great start and expect her to be back in training with Patricia and started under saddle. She is a small mare, and would be a great youth prospect.

Holly has been back only a short time and we are starting again with basics to build trust so she is able to get past general fears and giving her as much time as she needs, she is best suited for a female adopter.

Misty is no longer the frightened wild mare she came to us as. She is under halter, learning the basics to ground training and desensitizing. Misty at this point need an experienced owner and trainer.

On a personal note I have to give great thanks to Patricia and Mary for their work over these past months to get these horses ready for adoption, and enabled them to find new homes. I could not do this without you. To my son Christian who has had to take over the physical feeding and cleaning since my injury and surgery, your daily efforts literally keep this rescue alive. To our supporters, volunteers and donors, thank you because without you too this rescue could not exists.
As owners we have a responsibility to care for the animals we bring into our lives. Our horses depend on us and we owe it to them to give them the best quality of life possible. This does not mean fancy barns and such, it means a safe loving, home that provides adequate shelter, food, veterinary and farrier care to maintain their best state of health possible. The trust and faith they put in us their owners should not be broken, yet too often it is. It is a hard thing to see an animal suffer and it is by choice that we as members of this rescue come into their lives to better it, and often to literally save it.
If you as an owner, know that you for whatever reason are unable or unwilling to do right by your animals, please contact an agency, a rescue and ask for help. Ensure they can and will provide that safe, healthy, loving environment  that your animal deserves. Ask questions, check their history, visit your animal and ensure they remain safe, if you have doubts, or are refused information go elsewhere.

Our rescue has an open door policy, you are welcome to come visit, volunteer and encourage you to do so with any rescue asking for your support.
Our remaining summer and early fall months are expected to be quiet as I have still to recover from my injuries, but we will be back at the sale yards and bringing in horses in need as soon as we are able.
As always, my deepest thanks, appreciation and gratitude for your support of  Lone Oak Rescue.