Spring 2013

These past few months have flown by and here we are about to be in May. There has been much progress on cleaning up the property and plans are in the works for additional round pens and arenas. Time and money are always in short supply so progress is slow, but it is there. This progress with the ranch is largely due to the hours of work dedicated to the rescue by my children Christian and Elisa, and progress with the horses in training is thanks to Patricia and Mary. I am so glad they have come on board and joined our rescue as board members.

None of our work could be accomplished without the support of volunteers and donations. Thank you to our local volunteers and students from the FFA, 4H and Fresno State who continue to work with Patricia and Mary with the horses.

I especially want to thank our financial supporters, who's support is greatly needed and appreciated, in particular Marsha G and Shawn E for your very generous support. Thanks to Marsha we have had numerous horses rescued from auction and thanks to Shawn whos donation has covered all spring vaccinations, worming and farrier care.

There have been numerous horses come and go since we relocated, since January we have rescued  more horses, and adopted out as well.
The latest new horses to the rescue are Gem and Sophia, both have recovered and are available for adoption. Robyn was a local surrender who has an adoption pending on her.

Of our previous rescues we are happy to report many have found new homes.
Spirit has been adopted to a local home and is undergoing training, as has Ginger.
Chance came in with his mother Promise, who has passed into greener pastures. Chance was adopted to a local home where he is loved and spoiled.
Sarge was quickly adopted as well and Adonis will have a permenant home here at the rescue.
Jake and Rita have found their new home in a wonderful santuary here in California.
Jackson and Colton have been donated to a non-profit youth program which will be introducing inner city youth to the wonderful world of horses where they will focus on western riding.
Pending adoptions include Choctaw,and Robyn.
Lightening and Holly adoption did not go through and they have returned to the rescue

We still have much work to be done before we find ourselves back in the wet fall/winter rains. The winter months are the hardest on those horses at risk and we need to work now towards preparing for the infux of horses in need. That means needing to place as many horses as possible and make overdue repairs and improvements to the pastures, pens and shelters in preperation. If you have time and experience in these type of projects please contact us, we need your help.

We currently have 18 horses who are in need of new homes, 2 whom have adoptions pending.
If you think you may be interested in adopting any of our horses they can be viewed under our available horses on the website or through contacting us to set up a viewing.
available horses at this time include
Mia,- a 6y/o TB mare -under saddle
Macy, -a 3 yr old TB mare -under halter
Jessie, - a 3 yr old paint gelding -under saddle
Tessa, - a appaloosa pony mare -under ground/pack training
Gypsy, - a paint/appaloosa mare, broke to ride- needs a refresher
Willow,- a 3 year old paint,smaller mare, -being ground driven
Sophie- a tall TB mare OTT,- broke to ride western
Dante- a newly gelded arabian, broke to ride, -needs refresher
Gem- a small QH mare, broke to ride, -needs fresher
Mi Carina- a steel grey pony mare,under halter- needs full training
Lady- a grade mare, broke to ride, -needs a refresher
Seren- a 2 yr old grade filly, -needs full training including halter
Asia- a 3 yr old mare, fallon feedlot rescue, -needs full training
Lightening- a 3 yr old red roan QH type mare, -needs full training
Holly - a young buckskin QH type mare, -needs full training
Misty -a fallon feedlot rescue mare, dappled grey, needs full training
If you are interested in any of our available horses please contact us for more information. For adoption, sponsorship or if interested in providing off site housing or training to a horse in need please contact us and don't forget to follow us on facebook.