August Updates

As many of you know we have relocated to Coarsegold, north of Fresno in the Yosemite foothills, the transition is still in progress.
These days have been long and are tiring, but well worth the efforts when we sit back and see the progress that has been made. We have been busy with hauling away years of neglect and debris. To date there has been approx 8 Tons removed from the property. Several key areas have been cleared  making room for the pens and barns to be reassembled. As these tasks are completed we are able to start seperating the herd and bring the focus back on individual horses and their evaluation/training.

We are currently resonsible for 23 horses. With these high numbers we are unable to take in others until some of these are placed. Of these we do have several permenant residents.
I am happy to report we do have several horses going out on trial and others are being adopted into forever homes.
Of the current horses at the rescue we have 2 out on sponsorship, JD and a new gelding, Whiskey, who was recently surrendered to us.
We have Lightening and Holly going out on trial to Lillian in the central valley.
We expect Grace to be adopted by 3 wonderful ladies in southern California and Kay will be going to the coast adopted by Lynn, Pete and family.
We have recent inquiries on other horses, including Jake, Adonis and Jesse and are hoping they too have permenant homes soon.
It is exciting to see these great horses going into new homes but many others are still in need. If you can adopt or sponsor please contact us, by giving a horse a home you help us help others in need.

With the new ranch coming together we will be able to have volunteer days again soon. We do need local people who can assist with feeding, exercising and training, as well as behind the scenes work processing adoption applications and following up with both adopted horses and helping rescue those in need.

In addition to physical needs we do have our financial needs as well... donations are few and desperatly needed now. If you are able to donate to our cause please do so through our website via pay pal, or through our local feedstores. All donations to the rescue are tax deductable.

We do support our local businesses, and can pick up donations of any type at any suppliers within the area. You are also welcome to bring your donations and come to visit us and the horses you are helping.
Local suppliers  include

Mountian Feed and Nursery, Coarsegold Ca (559)-683-7383

Oakhurst Feed and pet supply, Oakhurst Ca (559)-683-7977

3V Feeds and Garden supply, Madera Ca   (559)-661-0038

Evans Feed and Liverstock Supply,Madera Ca (559)-673-9420
Evans Feed and Liverstock Supply, Chowchilla Ca (559) 665-7891

Valley Feed, Madera Ca 559-674-6735

We are in need of all types of hay, grain, pelleted feed or salt and fat supplements, wormers, vaccinations and general veterinary and ranch supplies.

If you have used items you think we can use such as tack, panels, gates,  feeders, water troughs or building materials we can arrange for pickup of items for donation.

We need local help to get the rescue up running and continue to help horses. Our focus will be local horses and horses owners in need. It is my hope that we will soon have room for others and be able to attend the fall auctions and bring home those at risk horses. Look for new pictures and updates as we continue our transition and settle into our new home.