June 22,2012

A quick update...
The rescue is slowly getting back up and running, with pens reassembled ground being worked, fencing changed etc. We still have the barns to move and are looking for help there.
We have found a great resource for a natural horsemanship gentling stockade for the ferrel horses, and are excited to see it installed. We will be planning an open house soon, please watch for updates.

The rescue currently has 22 horses in total, of which 5 are permenant residents.

Our two newest rescues, are Jessie and Grace. They both have come from the auction, both underweight. Jessie has been gelded, as a 2 year old we needed to be sure he was not going to be increasing our population!! He is recovering well and will soon be up for adoption.

Grace is a sweet young mare very gentle, and calm, and living up to her name. She too is putting on much needed weight and is doing well.

If you have interest in either of the new arrivals or our other horses please contact us at  info@loneoakrescue.org

We are in great need for donations to help with the growning need and are starting a new fund for the auction rescues. Please help in any way you can, all donations are tax deductable, and can be marked for hay, projects or rescue.

A special thank you to Winnie who has been a great volunteer and now will be joining our Board. Thank you!!! if you have an interest in behind the scenes work with the rescue please contact me.