June 2012

June has come quickly, and here we are about to start our 4th year as a non-profit. Time has gone by quickly and we have accomplished so much.Our 4th year will open for activities this summer in our new home in Coarsegold, and I'm anxious and excited to see it all coming together.

The Livermore location is almost completely disassembled, and it is a little bitter sweet looking at the site. There has been so much accomplished over the past 3 years there.... the disassemble of the site there is of course is much quicker than the set up is... but knowing that we have a wonderful new site to expand and develop is so exciting. The move to the new location is almost complete, the remaining horses are moving to our permanent location this week. We hope to move the barns and the remaining corrals soon and start the site preparation for their reassembly.

A huge thank you to Mike, who is a great neighbor and as it turns out a knowledgeable horseman.... he made quick work of replacing a culvert and repairing our collapsed road to the new location of the barn. Without that road in place we would be unable to develop the primary site for our barns and pens.

This new ranch has several old buildings that we are trying to preserve, but it is a challenge as they were full of debris and show of years of neglect. The clean up of the site and most buildings is almost complete thanks to my son Christian, who has been hard at work these past weeks manually hauling away debris and working to make them usable once more. Many plans are in the works for new site, with careful thought going into when and where to place barns, pens etc. There are existing fences and water spigots around which to place new pens, and shelters as well as the huge trees and granite rocks which are beautiful, but a challenge to work around. As many of you know it is hard work to move those 24ft panels and we don't want to move them more than need be. It is my hope that the configuration works well in reality and not just on paper...

As soon as the ground is prepped the barns and arena and round pens will go into place. At that time we will be looking for all hands on deck to get everything up and running. We are hoping to have all set up by mid summer to open to regular volunteers and public activities.We are looking for local volunteers who can help with the set up, particularly if you have machinery that will help us with assembly of fences and shelters,wash racks and hitching posts etc.

We are looking for individuals who want to be an active part of the rescue, helping us with the management of both rescues and adoptions, with evaluation and training of the horses. As well  we need individuals for behind the scenes, in administration/website and in developing and management of our volunteer base and helping to establish regular programs for the public to become involved with our rescue efforts. Many people want to come and pet the horses and think we are about grooming and riding the horses, but rescue is so much more. Watching them change from the malnourished un-trusting animals who have often been victims of neglect and abuse, transform not only their bodies but their minds as well to become healthy vibrant horses is an incredible. To see their eyes change from fear to trust, and the being that one to whom they first trust and reach out to is an incredible feeling, just ask Vicki, Winnie or Candice.

With the relocation I know we are losing some great people, but I hope to find as many in the new location. We will have a fundraising BBQ this summer in celebration of the past, present and future accomplishments.
I invite you to be a part of Lone Oak and join our efforts .... small as we are, we are doing great things and I look forward to what is to come.... hope to see you soon,