The move has started, there are 3 Lone Oak Residents on the property now... JD, Tina and Rio.
The trio has been enjoying the gentle hills and the green pastures. This next week there will be more to join them, expecting to move over Maggie, Lady, Mia and Holly.

The move is going to be gradual, and will be our focus over the next couple of months. It is amazing how much can accumulate over the course of a few years. There are buildings to dismantle as well as many pens and supplies. If you are interested in helping us relocate we will be going as a group on the weekend of the 20th, 21st, & 22nd. If you are able to help trailer horses or materials we would love your assistance, as truck is required,and trailers helpful.
The mileage is tax deductible as a donation towards the rescue. The trip is approx 3 hours from Livermore. If unable to make the trip but you want to come help us prepare please let me know. persons interested must contact me ahead of time, please do so through email.

If you are interested in seeing any of our current horses or being a sponsor for one of the horses either as a trial pre-adoption or a temporary home please contact us.

Currently we have several horses out on trial and expect them to be placed into those homes. The trial period can be up to 90 days and allow you to get to know the horse before committing to adoption. The adoption fee are due at the end of the trial. An approved application for adoption is required to take a horse out on trial. The application can be found online and forwarded to us or you can call for further information on the process or any of the horses.
Due to the numbers we still have at the rescue we are not taking in further horses at this time, but if you are looking to place a horse please do call us as many times we can put you in touch with persons seeking horses we do not have available.

Looking forward to seeing many of you next week and sharing the vision and future plans for the new home of Lone Oak Rescue.