Feb 3 2012

It has been a long wait, but we are finally past the strangles that took a hold of the herd this year. We look forward to having several horses going out to new homes over the next couple of weeks.

This weekend we are holding an open volunteer weekend and showing horses to potential adoptive homes. if this weekend isn't working for you I invite you to email or call to set up a time to come and see the horses. Our adoption fees are reduced at this time, so there is a great time to adopt. We anticipate the rescue finding a new home in 2012 and is our hope to have many of these rescues in new homes before that takes place.

The pastures are down to little and though the grass is finally starting to grow, there is the need for hay for the horses to be supplemented, if you can help with a donation, please do so, hay is high now for all of us.

Thank you to our volunteers and those of you who are new and extending a helping hand.... look for new pictures soon as well. Looking forward to great things this New Year, watch for updates here and on our Facebook page, and you can always call as well.