Jan 2012

We welcome 2012 and know that good things are in store for the rescue.
There is much work being done to secure a new home for the rescue.... hence not much in the way of updates.
The ranch remains under Quarantine as there are still a few stragglers sick with runny noses. It amazes me that the herd all but a couple managed to come down with strangles, mild cases due to the fact that all had been vaccinated. Still we are taking our time to issue an all clear.
We will be holding an open adoption weekend the first weekend of Febuary, all 3 days.
If you are interested in adopting now is the time. Our fees are reduced in light of the cost of hay. We encourage you to put in an application ahead of time and get your approval before the date. We also recommend a quarantine unless your home does not already have horses.

Please bear with slow answers to emails as at this time there is only Belinda responding to all inquiries along with all of the behind the scenes work. As you all know the rescue is a non-profit and there is still jobs to go to to ensure the rescue has funds coming in.

A special thank you to those of you helping physically and financially with our efforts, they all add up and I am so thankful for your support. If you are able we do appreciate donations towards our hay bill, now running at $15/bale. We are currently are supplementing all of the horses at Lone Oak.

More updates soon, and remember if you want to come the first weekend of February, please submit your applications early. The adoption can be downloaded from the website.