Goodbye 2011... Hello 2012, Happy New Years Everyone!!!

As the year draws to a close I look back and see what we have been able to accomplish.
For those of you new to Lone Oak Rescue, we are a small rescue, we have only a handful of us who volunteer our time to care for these horses. Through the course of this year ....

We cared for a total of 50 horses at out rescue.
We took in 35 new horses, of these 5 were joint rescues and 5 were back to be re-homed.
We placed a total of 25 horses into new homes, 5 as joint rescues, and 2 will stay with me.
We lost 3 of our horses, they are in forever green pastures...

We still have 25 horses left at the rescue. Of these 7 are permanent residents or adopted by myself or a volunteer.

That leaves us 18 animals in need who need to be re-homed.

Here are the horses in need, please help us by sponsoring, donating or adopting. each one re-homed allows us to help another. The adoption fees are minimal, and retired horses are free.
Please contact us for details on the horses pictured here

Adonis- gelding
Jester (mule)
Khalib (gelding)

Mia (mare)
Mi Carina (pony mare)

Misty (mare)
Asia(~2 mare)
Dulce(female donkey)
Sasha (mare)
Sampson (gelding)
Lady (mare)

Seren( ~9month filly)
Raya (~18 mo filly)
Holly (Mare)
Jake (gelding)
Keeva (mare)
JP- (gelding, sponsorship pending)
JD( gelding-adoption pending)