December rescues

Okay finally some updates, The 4 horses from Fallon are doing well, Storm is moving around better, having recovered from an injury to her right hind leg, ? during transport, or maybe cast herself in her stall. The swelling has resolved, and she is moving around well. Her mood and appetite are good and she is putting on weight. Asia too has put on weight we are unsure on the belly, time will tell if we are looking at need for more worming or a baby in the future. The dappled grey Misty has gained weight nicely, and more friendly as well. Rita has no shortage of appetite and eats 4+ flakes a day. No signs of strangles, however we think maybe there was either a carrier on the neighbors property or some shedding from these or perhaps the other horses that came from Fallon and the cleaning of the trailer on site led to the main herd having been exposed. No matter how it has come about there has been a positive test and confirming culture on our Monroe. There have been several other horses with mild case of runny noses and one with a cough. On advice of our vet we are maintaining a quarantine of our entire rescue herd to limit any exposure through horses adopted out. Our pending adoptions simply will stay with us until there are no longer any horses with signs of illness.
For the horses and donkey coming to us from having been abandoned on the foreclosed property, they for the most part will be held offsite. Over the weekend they were all transported to Lone Oak Rescue. As usual we have no background on the horses and for this bunch it's a total guess as to training and behavior. The bay mare haltered easily and walked into the trailer, and her filly followed. The buckskin mare, the roan and the donkey were free loaded as a group without incident. The two larger horses were the biggest challenge, and are a big part of the reason this update comes 2 days after the move. The Grey who has been named Sasha, has trust issues, and the buckskin, who has been named Samson has no fear nor much respect. Together they decided to go through/over a fence panel vs walking into the trailer, which was just a bad idea, especially because I was on the other side of the panel. Of course both the panel and I were knocked over by their 2000+ pounds. Thankfully there are no broken bones here, (gotta love the ER at midnight on a Saturday night) but my mobility and use of my right arm are going to be limited for a while. Yesterday only Sasha made it home as Samson panicked in the trailer, broke his halter and scraped himself up a bit coming out of the trailer, needless to say he was totally unreachable after that and we let him rest for the night. Thankfully it was Kathryn to the rescue today, she was able to get past Samson "shutting down" when it came to pressure. After over an hour of working him he got into the trailer, he was unloaded and then loaded again in just a few minutes. The battle of wills was quite apparent, but thankfully this was not Kathryn's first time down this path, and he was finally able to get the idea of the right answer was to give to the pressure. He obviously not been handled in a very long time, and has a long ways to go, but through everything he never demonstrated any dangerous behavior. We think he is a large foundation quarter horse, and for an experienced horse person he is going to be a great horse.
This next week or so will be time to feel out the others and see what they do or do not know, but several we expect to find homes for quickly, We believe they are mustang or quarter/mustang crosses. Please watch both Facebook and Petfinder for updates and pictures.

This is a hard job some days more so than others, but the goal and reason we do this makes it worth the struggle. A huge thank you to Kathryn and her husband for coming out today, not only did they help with the horse, but changed my flat tire as well. Thank you to Vicki, Candice, Winnie, Erin, Andrea, Lindsey and Cherie as well as those husbands who joined helping feed, clean, gather and transport horses. Your help is tremendous and I couldn't do this without your help, so once again, Thank you.