Hello everyone,
Time for some more updates. The transport of our mares was not able to go through as expected due to bad weather in the mountains. The horses were all held down south where Doug lives, (a great transport man/crew). From there several horses have found homes, we are expecting that any remaining horses to make it to the rescue this weekend. We will bring in others from the holding facility in Fallon when the weather allows. In all we expect there to be a full barn again.
We are looking at various horses, so cannot post which ones will arrive just yet. It is exciting to know that there will soon be little ones so admire and find forever homes.
This too means increased demands physically and financially as well. We are looking for barn moms and dads to make a personal commitment to a specific horse at the rescue, help that horse while they are with us... We are starting a program in which our barn parents can come and visit and help on a regular scheduled basis, likely a Sunday. If you are interested in this please contact us. It means a commitment of 1-3 hours a week to come help care for that specific horse.

Our volunteer hours are still needed and days are always fewer in the winter, but we still are looking for help. If you have contacted in the past and either have not heard back or you've volunteered in the past and have lost touch, please email us again. Most all of the responding is done by myself but between working at the rescue, family and my regular jobs, sometimes emails get missed, and if that has happened to you I apologize.
Since the rescue has gotten much busier we are bringing more persons on board to help with the many demands of the rescue. If you have an interest in being one of our supporters behind the scenes, we have a need for an assistant with our website and email, a handyman for projects at the ranch, and persons to assist with processing applications and follow ups after adoption. Please contact us if you want to fill one of these positions, we do ask for a 6 month minimum commitment.
More updates as soon as they are available, and watch our Facebook for mini updates.