update, new mares

It is amazing what has been done.... all 68 of the feedlot horses have been saved and will be moved to a safe location Thursday.

Of this bunch 6 will be coming to Lone Oak. We know that 2 are pregnant, one is due very soon, and another not too far off. All of these mares will be assessed by a vet to estimate gestational age and estimate a delivery date. As much as I love babies I am hoping the rest are not in foal. I have already experienced the tragedy of losing a foal from a malnourished mare and would rather not repeat the experience. These mares need lots of groceries. While waiting for the vet certificates for transport into California we have much to do in preparation.

On Nov 6th we will be having a volunteer day to prepare the barn for the newcomers and prepare other areas for herd to be sheltered in the upcoming months.
Projects we need to have completed include,

#1-Installation of our auto water's in the big barn
(we need an experienced person to connect the plumbing/pipes)
#2- closing off the back wall of the large barn
#3- install fencing around the 40 'shelters
#4- complete end wall for the last shelter
#5-construction of 2 new 12x12 shelters
#6- re-configure 3 pens
#7- general cleanup/mucking

If you are able to attend please email us with "Nov 6 volunteer day" in the title. We will send out confirmation and directions. Please remember to print and bring your liability release. You need a new one if it has been over a year since you've been out.

If you can please help with bringing your own tools, especially any power tools/cords.
I am excited and look forward to having you out for this long over due volunteer day. Please remember to email us if you plan to attend.

If you are unable to come out, please help us in donating to the rescue. We are in great need of funds for their feed and the numerous vet visits we expect to have for moms and babies.
If you are looking to adopt you can apply during their quarantine period, the same applies for a foal adoption. Foals are held at the rescue until weaned.

Pictured below are the new mares soon to arrive.
This mare is due first, we need to have her stall bedded, the stress of the move could put her in labor.
this mare will foal next, I expect it will a black and white foal since she was exposed to a black and white stud.

This buckskin mare looks in nice shape so am hoping she is not pregnant, will know soon
This poor baby is so thin, I hope she is not pregnant, rather hope this is a gelding.

The horse in this photo coming to us is the black mare, unknown if pregnant, but exposed to the same stud.
The mare from this group coming to us is the palomino, she is hiding but believe she has a blaze and hind white socks. I hope she too in not bred, even though palomino paints are beautiful.