incoming horses

Just a quick update, our pregnant mares from the Fallon feedlot rescue are expected in this afternoon. Look for pictures and information to be posted shortly.
We will be looking for persons to become "barn moms and dads" this entails committing to coming to the rescue a minimum of 1 day a week and assist with the maintenance of the quarantine/ foaling barn. We will ask you to commit to one mare and (following foaling), her foal with their individual care. The actual handling of the mare will depend on the horse. We ask you be an experienced horse person and be available a minimum one day a week. Interested person please email for more details.
We also are in need of financial sponsorship of horses, please consider a regular donation towards a horse in need, even the smallest donations help us care for the horses. Go to our pay pal link for easy setup of sponsorship.
We are still looking for local individuals to help with feeding/cleaning mornings and evenings. Also we have a need for someone with computer experience to assist with maintenance of the website and our upcoming newsletter.
Rescue is not about one person, but rather a group of individuals working together for the benefit of the horses. If you are able to make a contribution towards the rescue, be it physical or financial, please consider doing do. With your help we can accomplish so much more.