This past week was our scheduled vet day, unfortunatly we have a sick filly. Little Mi Carina had a high fever, and 2 days later developed respiratory symptoms and was quite distressed. Our little gal took a trip to Davis where she is currently being cared for. initial exam suggests a pneumonia, as well as an infection that we are ruling out for strangles. All horses in the barn are now back on quarantine until we can be sure no others have any illness of any sort. I have consulted with the vets at Davis and we are watching this little one more closely as she came in underweight and her immunity is simply not as strong as it should be. Good news that her blood work showed only an infection and nothing more serious. If her tests come back positive we will be testing our pasture herd over the next several weeks to check for strangles. Any horse who is not in the best of health to begin with is likely to become more ill like little Carina, but for the most part they do not require treatment and once they have become ill they develop an immunity and are unlikely to become ill again. We are taking all precautions at the ranch so until we can be sure we do not have any ill horses adopted out so we will not be letting any horses out nor bringing any in until clearance from our vet.

Mi Carina's trip to the hospital exposed her to all sorts of new things she has numerous examiners, blood tests, injections, ultrasounds, nasal tube and lots of noisy scarey machines rolling around her. She was not confined and stood quietly for everything. Her biggest objection was the alcohol wash for the ultrasounds, even that was only a side step.

We were very proud of this little one who was exposed to so much and took it in stride. It says a lot about her character. The vets estimate her to be more like 2 1/2, so older than the others, so we expect she will stay pony size. She will be available for adoption in a month or two.

Mi Carina will stay the next nights at Davis until she looks like she is on the mend.... the stall charge alone is $150 per night. Thus far her stay is estimated at $1000. Please if you can help us care for her, even the smallest donations add up.
We expect a full recovery with her and will be posting updates as we have them. Thank you everyone for your support.