update 10/18/11

I have good news to share, we have the vet clearance for our barn. The test results for strangles have all come back negative. Our little mare Mi Carina, is doing well, still on antibiotics for the respiratory infection she has, but she is bright, nickering at us when we enter the barn. From all of the handling and ordeal she has had she understands we are not here to harm her and now is easily approached. This afternoon I led her around by her halter and groomed her. She loves the attention leaned into me and kept tucking her head into my arm. The vet exam puts her closer to 3, so we don't expect her to be a big gal, more of pony sized. With her personality emerging it is perfect she will be suitable size and temperament for children.

Now that we no longer have a hold on the barn, there are several horses that will be going to new homes, we are happy to say, Kay, Shawnee and Pearl all have new homes waiting for them.
We have numerous inquiries on various horses and hopefully there are several more adoptions coming up, so watch for more updates coming soon.....