new placements, new incoming

I am so happy to say 3 of our feedlot babies are going to new homes. Congratulations to Vivian , Luis and their daughter on their adoption of Fanci, Daisy and Rayna. they are bound for a great home in the northern hills of California, where pastures and shade trees await them. In less than an hour Luis had Daisy eating from his hand.... it is great to see a connection in such little time.

Shadow too has a new home pending, we are excited to know he will be spoiled and pampered in southern California, road trip here we come!

As well we have inquiries on several other horses and hope they will find there forever homes soon.

In light of the recent adoptions and the plight of numerous horses, mostly pregnant mares sitting on a feedlot, we are making room at the rescue. Pending sponsors and help with transportation we are making room for 4. 1is a paint gelding, 2 are pregnant mares and quite far along, and the other is an exposed mare and unknown if pregnant or how far along she might be.
I have asked these to be marked and am asking for help with sponsorship and transportation.
The cost to buy them from the kill buyer is $200 per horse, please help if you can.

The time is running out, the feedlot has an offer to take the whole lot to Mexico, so we have to act fast to save what we can. please spread the word, if you cannot rescue please donate to the rescue of one that we can help.

Pictured below are the horses I asked to be marked for the rescue, please help every dollar makes a difference. These horses are not safe, they are on the feedlot, we need help to get them safely to the rescue where they can deliver their babies and find a new life.

buckskin mare appears to be early in pregnancy, needs to be assessed
unknown paint, very thin and in need of good groceries
pregnant paint mare due very soon, needs to move before she delivers
pregnant paint mare needs to be rescued and deliver in a safe home