Fall Placements

These past few weeks have been busy our barn has been cleared of any quarantine, and we have been able to move horses to their new homes.
Pearl, Shawnee and Kay have been blessed to have found great new homes, thank you all for opening your hearts and homes to a rescue horse. We look forward to hearing news and seeing pictures of you all together.
We have some pending adoptions as well, I look forward to introducing our herd to their prospective new owners this weekend.
We are still looking for retirement homes for our Senior mare and Mule, we would like to see them go out together, If you can give them a home please let us know. Sponsoring them at your site is tax deductable as well.

This summer we have not had as many volunteer days, but have 2 planned for November.
Look for the details on your email, noticed will be coming.

With winter fast approaching, costs are up and demand for hay is up along with the price. Our pastures are greening up, but we still have numerous horses in the barn, The cost of a bale averages $14. Please help with a donation of a bale or two this month. We currently feed almost 3 bales a day to our 13 horses not on pasture. We also supplement our senior horses and our growing fillies, and appreciate donations of any type of bagged feed.
A special thank you to Kathryn of Dave's hay for your generous donation of supplements and of course for your ongoing great advice.

We are still looking for barn moms and days to come help clean groom and just give some TLC to our horses, as well as experienced people to help with chores. You must be over 18, local and available for morning 7-8am or evening 4-6 pm feeds and have your own transportation for this activity. Please email us if you are able to help.
Thank you to all of you have helped in the past and for Vicki, you are treasured as you know, and a huge welcome and thank you to Candice and Melissa for joining our efforts. Lone Oak could not operate without the generous support of time and efforts from our volunteers.

We are looking for donations of tack and other items for our upcoming ebay store as well as preparing for our annual tack sale coming in the New Year.

Thank you for your ongoing support everyone, watch for more updates coming soon.