Fall news...

October has come quickly as has the changing weather. It seems I was just putting on fly spray and here we are putting on rain sheets and checking on winter blankets.
This year we are over capacity and need to place horses before the winter sets.

If you are able to help with sponsorship on or off site please let us know. Life long homes are our goal of course, but we want to ensure it is the right home and the right horse match.
Off site sponsorship means you have the full care and use of that horse and the first option to adopt him or her.
We currently have 22 horses on site, 18 of which are available for adoption. We have 2 pending adoptions. With the winter weather we will be looking for local volunteers to help with cleaning, feeding and grooming of horses, during the wet weather there is little riding, but more time for general handling, ground manners and other ground work.

We are in need of donations of grain and hay to supplement feeding until pasture green up, as well we have fall vet checks and vaccinations.

A huge thanks to our regular volunteers who are so important to the daily function of the rescue, and special birthday greeting to Savannah, have a great day!!