some updates

This blog has been quiet for too long and for that I apologize. For those of you who are in frequent contact you know my family increased by 4 and it has been a struggle. Many thanks for the great supporters that I have I could not have been able to make it this far without you. This rescue is a small one comprised of individuals like myself with full time jobs and families and many obligations to juggle along with taking care of the rescue business.
Things are slowly coming back together, both computers going down did not help the situation, again, my apologies but soon there will be photos to share.

As for the herd, our sponsored rescues have gone home to their owners and we have 2 of our 4 still in process of recovery, the mule Jester and mare Rosa are slowly gaining their weight back and roaming the hills in the pasture. They are available for sponsorship and recovery homes. The gelding Adonis is a spirited boy, he is well trained and looking for a home with an experienced rider simply because he is a strong horse, we are working on better ground manners. Queenie went out to her new home and is doing well.

Peppy has gone out to his new home and we have several others who have inquiries on. Due to job transfers and family illness we have had 2 horses come back to the rescue, they are Mia and Macy. There are already inquiries on the both of them.

It is my hope that we place 3-4 horses in the next two weeks to enable us to attend the next auction. The auction date is set for july 23. We are hoping to rescue directly from the auction yard and not let them get as far as the kill buyers lot, nor let any of our rescue dollars end up in his pocket.

Please watch for further updates and more volunteer days.