rescue update....

update.... we have 2 horses purchase sponsored by Janvi and Yogi thank you so much!!!! funds for purchase of 2 more and their feed and care is still needed. Thank you everyone for your donations, keep them coming, every 10, 25 and 50 adds up and will be used for vet costs, feed ans care. watch for more updates....We still need funds for purchase and then feed/vet and farrier costs.
Possible placement of 2 horses currently at the rescue opens up room for more rescues from the lot.

Please give what you can, here is an example of what costs we are looking at
1 bale of grass hay $8
1 bale 3 way grain hay $14
40Lb bag of grain $12.50
40 lb bag of rice bran $14
a farrier trim $35
5way vaccine $21
wormers $5,$9, $12