our newest additions... safe and recovering

Sorry everyone for the delay in this post, It has been an exhausting week. I know many of you are anxious to see what we were able to accomplish. Thank you everyone who helped us to bring these horses to a safe place, your contributions made this possible, and will bring them back to health. We brought home 6 this trip and here they are.

I will start with our now adopted horses, the wonderful couple who wanted to be a part of this rescue had their hearts won by two beautiful geldings. Patricia and her husband have sponsored their purchase as well as their quarantine at Lone Oak. Both geldings are in need of farrier care, as they have been sadly neglected for some time. Thankfully they were fed well. The sorrel gelding, names Second Chance, has very short chipped hooves, likely they were overgrown and then chipped off pieces and this is the result. He appears to be quite uncomfortable when he initially starts moving but then improves, we hope he will be sound once his feet grow to accommodate his large frame.
Second Chance
The other gelding is a beautiful paint, he is yet to be named. we are searching for name as handsome as he is. His feet are much worse, and he is not lame, but believe he will be during his recovery. The ligaments are going to need to adjust as his hooves slowly grow and they return to a natural upright position.
The Lone Oak sponsored horses are

She is a dark bay mare, in her mid teens well broke and just needing a little more weight and a loving home. Once her quarantine period is finished she will be available for adoption. She is the perfect family trail horse
She is a Red roan mare in her late teens, suffering from all around neglect. She will take some time to regain the muscle and fat that was wasted away. Her feet too are overgrown and have chipped off in chunks. She has the sweetest disposition and enjoyed my grandchildren who have fallen in love with her all reaching in to pet and groom her. Her grooming session revealed an even thinner mare, I expect that once she is at a healthy weight again she will quickly find a family home. She is truly that "babysitter" horse that is perfect for a family with little ones.

Jester is the sweetest mule.... I cannot imagine anyone resisting his charm. He is very thin and in need of many calories. Even this fuzzy coat can't hide that. He will need many a day with good feed to regain his weight. Thankfully his feet are not overgrown.... Jester is broke both to ride and pack

Lastly is a very energetic gelding.yet to be named, we would like your help here.... one suggested has been Adonis. We believe he was recently gelded. approx 12-15. is broke to ride. He is gaited, possibly some walker in him as he does move in a walkers "pace" He is very pushy on the ground, he was actually being led to a truck to "complete the load" when I asked to see him.
He will be available following his quarantine period, and will require a very experienced owner.