new rescues...

Thank you everyone for your generosity. Every dollar will bring a horse to a safe place and bring them back to health so they can have a forever home. Thankfully 3 of these last 4 are not neglected, and now not at risk of slaughter. The 4th, Sammy will take some time to put a little weight on and regain his energy and spirit, but believe he will do so quickly under Monicas love and attention.

We are expecting to bring in the new horses tomorrow. It is Mothers day, but I see myself as mom to my herd so is fitting to bring who I can, home to safety. It is expected that all 4 of the horses taken in will be placed with their sponsors, 2 are now going to be quarantined at their new home with Monica which gives us room to help more. They are all doing well, have adjusted to the new barn, and feed, a little colicky episode for one which settled quickly. All now happily munching and watching the other horses in pasture, I know they would love to be out there roaming the grassy hills. Here are a few pictures to share., In order they are, Sammy, Jax and Bo, and our unnamed buckskin gelding. His new mom will be naming him tomorrow.

One who has transitioned to pasture is Pearl, She still has a little weight to put on, but will do so quickly with grazing all day. Pearl is still really attached to her buddy Peppy, so she does not wander far. She is very buddy sour, but she will break herself of this by being able to return to his paddock whenever she needs to reassure herself. She has wondered to meet the neighbor horses as well as the herd, but still keeps herself separated from them. It will take time.
Peppy still remains inside, needing much more calories. He is the friendliest boy, with constant nickers whenever he sees you.
Pearl was ridden as well, a slow evaluation, having been at least a year and a half since she was last rode. Taking that into consideration she did very well, she is full of energy and will need an experienced rider. She will now be available for adoption.