new happenings and pictures

This week was another busy one, we were proud to be invited to the Fallon Elementary school carnival. The kids loved meeting our ponies Tina and Rio and they loved the attention. Despite the wind, balloons loud speakers and the crowd, Tina and Rio stood patiently for many little petting hands.
both by the young
and younger...
and younger yet, this little one was trying to make "horsey noises"
We enjoyed our little visit and we were able to inform more people what a rescue is all about.
back on the ranch there were exciting things happening.... Keeva had her first riding lesson
She was a little unsure about everything, but calmly accepted all that was new. We are sure she will be a great one for a therapeutic program. She is very friendly and patient.
With quarantine drawing to a close was time to see how Queenie was, we are happy to say she is a very sensitive little mare, and a pleasure to ride.
as well some of the other horses got some exercise from our volunteers, thank you all for your efforts, we couldn't do this without your help.
Below is Duke and JD
JD and Shawney
and Queenie with a new rider