4 safe horses ......

Today was one full of tension, fears, excitement and disappointment. Following just a few days of dozens of messages, emails and phone calls between 3 women, we converged with the common goal of taking in horses off a lot and giving them a safe place to call home. Kathryn and Christine joined our efforts as well, and together we experienced first hand the difficult task of choosing who to save.
There were many with lots numbers from the auction, many with faces marked up, some with superficial leg wounds. There was no shelter from the sun, some were without water.
Many had obviously been well cared for, shiny coats, still in shoes. I am sure their owners did not know the risk the horses faced passing through an auction yard. Would they end up on one of the trucks we saw, and be destined for a horrific fate or find themselves in a safe home with a private buyer. There were also those not so well cared for with long hooves, and horribly underweight obvious even under a matted winter coat. Many we were told were spoken for, and we could not buy, including many young foals, and the older mares. We took 4 from the many pens, thankful we could assure their safety, and promised ourselves we would return as soon as possible for the next 4. We expect to do so soon....

Below are the treasured horses we brought home and the wonderful women who sponsored their rescue.

Sally sponsored 2 horses who she plans to adopt, she has named them Bo and Jax
Bo - he is a well broke gelding with a possible catarac in his eye

Jax is a young gelding who needs training

Monica sponsored a sweet gelding she named Sammy, we believe his scars on his hind legs are from being a victim of tripping. His disposition is quiet, his affect is almost depressed, we hope to see him perk up and show us his personality. With lots of love and some groceries I am sure he will show us more of his sweet personality.
The final horse we brought back was sponsored by Monica as well, he may already have a home.... He is a beautiful Buckskin gelding, yet to be named- I cannot imagine letting him go.... nor the fate he might have had.