Things have been very busy for us at the rescue. We have had many visitors, new volunteers, new adoptions and of course projects. We were fortunate to have a great group of people from Habitat for Humanity come out and help us with one of our projects. We are completing an extra large stall and paddock to be available for foaling, and recovery from injuries that would require stall rest. The hardest part being the framing and roofing was completed in a matter of a couple of hours. We expect to finish the sides and run this next sunday. Please check out our face book for new pictures and be sure to Tag yourself!!

Here are some pictures to share...

a little saddle time for a few of the horses
Jake is getting better with each session
Lordy is a wonderful horse to ride
Here is that great group of volunteers from Habitat for Humanity... we hope they all come back ... just to "horse around"
the minis enjoyed the day at pasture while the rest of the herd stayed in the barn...
Kalib didn't mind.... he enjoyed his grooming
A great thanks for Joy for all her hard work...here she is bringing in the boys from pasture

Here they are in their new home... Thank you to Karen and her daughter for giving them such a great place to call home.A great welcome to their new home included a welcome sign especially made for them by her daughter.

A quick look back at me.....
and they got down to business
meanwhile back at the ranch the remaining horses enjoy a sea of green grass....
some of them.... a little too much.... my own horse Duke is getting fat, but is still a looker!!