Since becoming involved in rescue I have heard many stories of how people and as a result, their animals have come to their current circumstances. The road we are on seems smooth, plans are made with results anticipated... then suddenly that road makes an unforeseen turn, we find ourselves in a new set of circumstances, scrambling to get our bearings and figure out where this new road leads. Homes are lost, jobs are changed, parents split up and families are altered, and as a result the physical, financial and emotional demands change too. All of these things happen every day, most of us know of someone or have experienced such events ourselves. The rescue and I are no exception. While we all do our best navigating our personal daily twists and turns, we need to remember the ones who are without choices but are affected no less.

This next week we will be bringing home 3 such animals who are the fallout of one of those unexpected turns. They have not suffered neglect or abuse, they are simply losing their home and need a new family. There are two mini ponies and a sweet paint mare who is perfect for casual rides or for the childrens first horse. At the rescue there are many others still waiting for their new homes, some spunky and green others mellow and suited for family or trail horses.

If you are able, please help us so that we can help others, small donations add up to make a big difference. We are preparing for our next farrier visit, at $35 ea and corrective shoeing for 2 horses, the price tag is over $600. Before long too there will be spring vaccinations and of course there is always intake costs for our new horses and ongoing costs of recovery. Sponsorship on and off site is available and hay, grain and monetary donations are needed the most.

I started the rescue because it is in my nature to help. I have met many who are of like mind and have been generous working with me and I am so very grateful. It is not just the dollar or the hour donated, it is much more, the support and assistance and believing in this cause is invaluable. I could not do this without your support. It seems like so little to say thank you.... but once again, my heart felt thank you.