Thank You Robyn and Sam

Despite the fog, backed up traffic and a cool morning Robyn and Sam joined me at the rescue to do some chores.
JP was given a nice long grooming session by the girls while I did mucking. We are happy to report that JP is moving much better and looks more comfortable in general.
Mia too had a long grooming session. During her turnout she had rolled in the muddy area of course, so she was quite the mess, both mane and tail tangles held onto little balls of mud. After looking nice and shiny we braided her mane and tail, of course she managed to shake out one of the braids within the hour.
Rio and Tina got their turn, smaller bodies but 3x the hair. They thanked the girls by promptly rolling around once they were turned out.
The rest of the herd is out on pasture, but found their way to us, somehow just knowing the girls has carrots to share. It was an enjoyable morning...