Jakes Day

As some of you know Jake has been with us for the past year and change. He came with severe trust issues. While being ridden the saddle billet broke, the saddle slid, the rider fell off and Jake ran around terrified until the saddle came off. It was a traumatic event for both the rider and Jake. Jake was severely head shy, throwing his head up easy 30 or more times in a minute. Just dropping a glove would send him into a panicked run.

It has taken a long time to get to the point where he spooks in place, trusting now that he is safe. Still he has some fears but you can see he is trying not to give into that instinct of flight. Today was a wonderful day. We were doing so well, that I decided to try driving him. Sometimes change is a good thing. Jake was busy trying to figure out how I was directing him from 15 feet behind him, so busy in fact he forgot to be afraid. I was behind him, the long lines swinging around him, touching his legs, sides and even catching his tail, he ignored all of it, focused on the directions I was giving him. We spent a good 20 minutes in the round pen, walking, turning, stopping and then progressing to a trot, none of which set off his panic button.
I have added pictures.... I am so proud of him.