Happy New Year

A very Happy New Year to all. 2010 was a busy year for me. For those of you who have been out to the rescue you know it is not fancy. Simply barns corrals and horses but still there is much to do. With winter rains of extra hands become few but the chores increase. The daily care as well as vet and farrier visits are handled by myself. Currently there are 16 horses to care for.

Added to the daily routine is the care of JP. One morning about 2 weeks ago JP was found to be severely lame. The vet was called and after ruling out an abscess we discovered he had fractured his coffin bone. The fracture is on the front left, and the coffin bone is fractured into 3 pieces. The consultation with the surgeon leaves us hopeful JP will make a full recovery. Meanwhile he is on strict stall rest for a minimum of 3 months, possibly longer. Until then he is in a custom shoe designed to immobilize his foot to allow healing along with pain medication.
JP has a wonderful personality and we are hoping he will come through this. We are in need of individuals to contribute to his care physically and financially. Each shoeing is $75 for that foot alone and vet visits and Xrays are required every 4 weeks. JP is very much a people horse and loves to have company and to be groomed. We are currently looking for a stall buddy for him.
Below is the Xray of the fracture.