Today was another sunny day and work continued on the ranch. Many horses worked in the round pen, and I am happy to report all did well. There has been so much progress on Jake, Kalib and my personal horse Zaida, all who came to us with serious trust issues, bolting, rearing and head shy, to name a few. All working well now off lead and joining up well in the round pen, nicely responding to voice commands, and standing their ground with blankets, ropes and lunge lines hanging off them.

While we worked, Tina and Rio had the run of the ranch, it was entertaining to Jake and I as we watched the neighbor horse running back and forth trying to figure out Tina. He was snorting and running away, but then would come back, so curious about this tiny horse. Is funny how such a little horse can cause such confusion to another.
It was a great day, how I wish I did not have to leave, but the paying job was calling...