The winds are a challenge to us in the past 2 days, we are close to completion of the barn requiring the last of the roofing to be in place. Unfortunately with the wind gusts we are being delayed. The weekend will be one focused on settling all down for the winter. Saturday and Sunday days are open for volunteers.
There has been new donations of tack and blankets, a huge thank you to Winnie who made a special trip to bring us many treasures of saddles, blankets, halters and more. As you settle your own barns for the winter and are going through your tack please consider donating those items no longer needed or wanted. Those items not used by the rescue will be added to out spring tack swap and sale.
Please support us this weekend by purchasing tickets for the comedy show at Tommy T's in Pleasanton. Tickets should be purchased through our website, or if you're local to Livermore by calling 925-518-8987.
If you are unable to attend the event please consider a donation directly to the rescue. We need your support.