Today was a beautiful day at the rescue......blues skies and sunshine shone over our hills and our horses grazed on new grass. JD is back with the rescue and today he joined the herd for the first time. He is a beautiful boy, and the mares ran around him kicking up their heels. Head and tail held high he snorted a time or two and trotted up the hill to join the herd.

During the night our Macy had an adventure.... the young calves next door had pushed on the fencing and lowered it just right that Miss long legs stepped over it. However the view from the other side of the fence was different.... The top of the fence was higher on that side and so there she spent the night..... 7 handsome black Angus calves kept her company, from a distance of course. Our Macy is quite the energetic filly, and was running around their pasture. On our side Momma Mia stood with Uncle Duke, ( My boy Duke has adopted Macy as his offspring).
It took but a moment to lead Macy to the gate and send her on her way with Momma and Duke, none the worse for wear but a small scratch from the fence. Myself of course... I did fencing to keep curious calves on their side, and all before breakfast.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and we see you again soon.