friday October 1

Today was another day on the road, checking on several abandoned horses before the barn owner sends them to auction. The kind hearted care of fellow boarders can only go so far when several are abandoned at the same barn. Thankfully there is a group effort to provide care to whom they can, and now thankfully the barn is ready to release them. We are expecting to take in whom we can to help. Please help us however you can, every dollar counts, there is costly vet and farrier care that must be provided upon arrival. Updates and pictures as soon as possible.

On the ranch Kay had another lesson under saddle and did well, slow and steady progress.

We are updating our horse profiles with videos, please let us know if you can help be a camera man/woman.

Still shots of this gal do not do her justice. Keeva has grown even taller and has a big heart that goes with her stature... we expect she will be under saddle this week.