Today the weather is giving us a break, blankets are off, horses are frisky and kicking up their heels. There is already tiny bits of green poking through the ground, a blessing for sure and soon enough the hills will be green.
There is always work to be done, chores are always there and of course horse work. Our three in for recovery are coming along well, JP showing no signs of lameness today,we hope he will be sound shod and soon be available. Kay is going out soon and will make a great little sport horse for someone. Mia and Macy are now available to be adopted either separately or together. Mia is being worked on basic ground work now and she is learning fast.
These young horses offer so much, I invite you to come and meet them. We are fortunate that we do have an offer of a month of professional training to anyone adopting from the rescue, thank you Laura. Please contact us for more information.