what a weekend!!!

Once again I am amazed and grateful for the kindness and generosity of our local people, this weekend we met more wonderful volunteers.
We are pleased to have 2 new regular helpers, welcome Caitlin and Jolene. They will join Vicki, Stephanie, Aileen and Hannah for assistance with feeds and regular maintenance at the rescue.

A special thank you to David for your hours of help right through til dark! installation of our 24' panels and removal of the old iron ones was hard, very heavy work, impossible without help. We are grateful for not only your man power, but your efforts in planning upcoming building projects. Our hay storage barn is on the drawing board.

Much has been done and our "to do" list is getting shorter!!

This month we have our 2 run in barns up and ready to shield our horses from the winter rains. The division of these into stalls will be our next task.
Our paddocks were relocated and enlarged. We hope to have individual shelters for these as well.
Our arena area and round pens are up, clean and we are preparing the ground for sand.
Our small turnouts are being enlarged, posts reinforced and field fencing to be replaced.
We have out special extra large stall/paddock under construction in preparation for any horse in need of stall rest or for a mare to foal.
Blanket bars were installed in the red barn.
Auto waters purchased and ready to be installed.
The location for the new barn has been marked and the ground is being cleared. We expect to receive it in the next 2 weeks.

More updates and pictures to follow, If you would like to join our efforts, as a regular volunteer, work behind the scenes or just as an occasional helping hand, please contact us. We are also looking for experienced horse people to join our board for 2011. Please contact us for more information.