lastest news

The work at Lone Oak continues, we are happy to say we have new homes for Sugar and Dixie, we know Patty and Gary will provide a wonderful home. We have 2 new friends at Lone Oak.

Rio is a Sr pony who came to us this past week. He is in need of dental and farrier care. He has obvious pain when walking and is a little underweight, that should be corrected with dental and a diet designed for a Sr horse. Our vet and farrier assessment are screening for any medical conditions, such as diabetes and cushings, meanwhile he has a thick bed of shavings and medication for pain. Rio will have a permanent home at Lone Oak Rescue. We are looking for 4 regular sponsors for $25/month for our little Rio.

Rio and Tina became friends instantly

Smile for the camera, long teeth and sharp points hinder eating and affect nutrition

Rio shows the evidence of chronic laminitis, we will do our best to get his feet back under him and keep him stable and comfortable.
Our other boy is Patrick. He is approx 15 y/o he is a quarter/Tb cross. He stands at about 16 HH. He needs new shoes and evaluation by our vet. Currently showing slight lameness at the trot only. He is a pretty boy, insecure by himself, but settles immediately with a pasture mate.
He will be available post evaluation.