Kay's Day

Today was filled with some great happenings and some clouds with silver linings.
The greatest part of the day was Kay's first rides. After some reviewing ground work Kay sported a saddle and did so well, we climbed aboard. A little confused as to what we were doing up there she stood her ground, literally, but with reassurance all was good she found her legs and away we went. Both myself and her barn mom Caitlin rode with no attempts to buck, bolt or other such nonsense. Kay was a good girl, and we are very proud of her.

The Rescue clean up and construction continues. The landlord removed old panels, buildings and a huge cattle trough from the central rescue site.( Thank you Thank you Thank you Joey) However in the process the water tank sprung a leak, oops ... so the reposition of the tank to preserve water storage seemed like a good idea .... until a water line broke. That would be the cloud... the silver lining is a new modern tank and added water line assess for barns and corrals.
Thank God for handymen like Joey who had everything under control.

We are looking at another day of construction the weekend of 9th/10th. Please join us for barn and horse time. Soon enough all projects will be completed and our only projects will be our horses. Please join us completing projects and getting ready for winter and new horses.

The worst time of the year is about to be on us and too many horses are thrown away at auction. We are trying to prepare to receive new arrivals from the auction. Our trip is in planning. Details to come soon.