a week of excitement

These past days were full of adventure. Cassanova has returned home. His trip was not without excitement, the hot day burned more fuel than we had so on the Altamont pass we sat with an empty tank. The highway emergency crew came to the rescue, but a half mile later we blew a tire and were stranded again. Our long time supporter Joey came and brought us a tire..... but it did not fit. After that I learned you can in fact haul a 2 axle trailer home on 3 tires.... if you block the springs. That was a little scary, no bumps please. We putted back the 6 miles or so at 25 MPH, just slow enough to burn the 1 gallon of gas we received from the emergency truck.... of course in the middle of the intersection we ran out of gas again, and had to be rescued again. Thank God for cell phones and Joey to the rescue. For those who say TB's are hot and impatient...come meet Cassanova. He never made a fuss through our 3 hour ordeal, even with 4 lanes of traffic speeding by. Updates on Cassanova after his check up.
We had a dental day at the rescue. John Mares does equine dentistry and is a wealth of information. You can find out more on his website. my-horse-dentist.com
Monroe, Mia, Mya and Kay had their teeth taken care of as well as Kay having wolf teeth pulled. A huge thank you to Kathryn for assisting and providing sedation for our patients. Those interested in attending an information workshop on dental care please contact us.
A training session and evaluation of Jake took place, he still has genuine fears but is doing so well. We are riding him and very happy to see him moving along.
Momma Mia and baby Macy are happy girls, Macy learning to lead and learning the rope (and shirts, fingers, arms, jackets, zippers,boots, jeans etc) are not lunch. She loves visitors and nickers and runs to greet you... whats not to love about that!
There has been surveying for fence lines and we are anticipating putting in posts this weekend. There will be many physical changes, but will be a worthwhile effort when all is done. The buildings are coming along and we will be having a "paint party " when all are ready.
Sunshine has been ordered and we know it will be arriving soon!