busy busy busy

Today was a full day. We were assisted with a vet day by Kathryn, she transported 2 of our horses and one placed to a central barn where we shared a vet call.

There was exams and dental work (Sugar)

say "AAAAHHHHH" now, rinse and spit".... ok drool- close enough

X-Rays and exam (Cassanova)
" I just stand real still and look handsome right?"

and a castration (sorry baby boy Quinn)

"was that a needle???? aahhhh ......nice soft green bed..."

" don't know what you're doing..... don't care"

"where did everyone go?? I'm soooo sleepy"

"never mind.... .... more sleep"

A big thank you to Dr Kessinger who let us tag onto his vet call. All went well and everyone behaved very well. A little sleepy from medications they got to enjoy the afternoon sun. Our day was almost done.... all but the drive home.