Welcome "Mia's Exclamation" !! barn name "Macy"

Well our home made mare prediction kit was right on, yesterday afternoon's test strip readings gave readings of Ph=6.8 and calcium ppm=250+ and sure enough this morning after numerous nights on watch (readings staying at ph 7.6 and cal pps ~100) our little filly made her arrival. Here are a few of her first photos.....

Just after the birth, Mia making sure baby was okay, many nickers and kisses

In just a few minutes she was up and testing those legs....

They were pretty wobbly but she was on the hunt for breakfast.... headed the right direction!

It took some practice but Mia is a patient mom and stood still for the many attempts,
Mia would nudge her closer and finally Macy got the hang of it.

Of course all of that energy from the birth and learning to stand and then finding breakfast took its toll..... there were many naps.... check out those long legs, this girl is going to be tall !!
Here you see her "exclamation" and dot on her muzzle.
By mid morning the legs were under control, there was many servings of breakfast
and this "mom" got to go home reassured all was well.