weekend happenings

This weekend will be busy as usual. Please join us if you can Friday to prepare for our Saturday at Petco.Tina will join us and we will have a selection of used tack for sale to raise much needed funds. Sunday is clean up, we need to have new photos so will be polishing up our horses for a photo day. Please come down and grab a brush we have plenty of horses to go around! Ongoing of course is our building and repair to complete our set up. Thank you Joey for your assistance with the barn alignment, we hope to get that roof on, but the weather has not been cooperating.Thank you Mesha for all of your hard work on the computer and organization, I would be lost without you. Welcome Erryn, we hope to have our newsletter out soon and help keep you all informed as to what is happening with the rescue. All of the volunteers thank you so much for your time and efforts, I know that it isn't always fun to be doing the cleaning and set up.... but soon will be more horses than hammer time. I am so looking forward to that day myself. In anticipation of that time we are still looking for regular volunteers who will be able to come out on set days to help feed, clean and exercise the horses. You must have horse experience to do this as there will be an expectation you can work safely and independently with a horse.