pasture time

This week is leisure time for most of our horses, lots of sunshine and grassy hills to roam and just be horses. The upcoming week will be a busy one with more ranch barn work and getting ready for our tack sale in San Jose. Please help us with any donations of unwanted tack all proceeds go the the horses, feed and farrier/vet costs.
We hope to be bringing home Mia and Macy as well, looking forward to having them home. We cannot thank the wonderful people at Reinstein Ranch enough for their generosity. It is a wonderful facility and we highly recommend them for anyone looking for a place to board, ride or train.
I want to extend a special thank you to the people who help make the rescue possible. To Vicki and Mesha, your help on and off site is invaluable. Kathryn, thank you for your guidance as well as for all you do, we always learn so much and in your tight schedule we are grateful and appreciative of your time. A warm welcome to Leann who will be assisting us in planning and co-ordination of events. As with Kathryn she is a valuable resource with evaluation and training.
We look forward to completing our site work and working hand in hand with our horses and finding them great homes. To the many volunteers who have come out to help and done so much in helping us complete our projects, we so appreciate your time and efforts. We welcome all back for any assistance you can give, as well there will be a BBQ in the works for later this summer. More details as we get closer.